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About Us

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Website & Social Media Marketing:

Websites are an essential tool for businesses to establish their credibility. It Is crucial for businesses to build their website with great design and architecture with convenient navigation. The credibility of any business grows exponentially with a website as it can be accessed from any corner of the world, breaking world barriers and increasing their sales. For the revenue that can be generated from the website, there is no limit. Imagine if your website can cross borders, it can also peak your revenue sky high. A website can also act as a company’s portfolio or resume, which shows all about your business and how you do it.

Websites are more cost-effective than having a physical store. It can also be your office, showroom or even your online store.

Marketing plays a very crucial role in the expansion of any business, and what better a tool than social media to expand your audience through the internet.It really doesn’t matter if you run a small local shop or a big multi-national corporation, social media will always be an essential part of your marketing strategy.

Social media platforms help businesses connect with their customers, increase their brand awareness and boost sales. It provides immense potential for businesses as the customers tend to habitually log onto it daily, but with it also accompanies huge challenges in an ever-changing space.

We provide a free one-page website for twelve months under our domain, which includes Logo design, text, images, videos, contact us form, hosting, SSL as well as free customer support. Try out our website and social media marketing services to enhance your digital presence.

Free Classified Ads:

Free classifieds are a great way to get the word out about your company. Using classifieds allows you to focus your marketing to reach out to people who are likely to buy goods and services from your business. Our free ads help you get local as well as international leads to convert to your business. You can post a free ad right now by clicking here.

On our website you will be able to find Asian Grocery, Chinese Supermarket, Toys, Furniture, Home Décor, Clothing, Jewellery, Autoparts, Painting, Books, Merchandises, Legal, Hospitality, Business Training, Transport, Plumbing, Driving School, Photography, Security, Salon, Astrology, Doctor, Event Organizer, Translator, Visa, Website, Digital Card, Engineering, Healthcare, IT, Computing, Admin, Accountant, Childcare, Cook, Cleaner, Finance, Legal, Industrial, Retail, Architect, Sales & Marketing, Part-time Jobs, Property Management, Agent Management, Student Property, Commercial Property, Property for sale, Property to rent, Dogs, Puppies for sale, Cats, Capuchin, Squirrel, Spider Monkey, Marmoset Monkey, Catering, Tiffin Services, Bakery, Restaurant, Retailers, Take Away, Vacation Rentals, Airport Parking, Pickup. Our categories are not limited just to anything. If you have a business chances are you might fit right into one or the other category, or we might build a new category.

Potential customers will be able to search for you all the time as long as your ad is live through our platform and contact you. People can look for goods or services that you sell and can directly make an enquiry. It is free advertising alongside a wider audience offering. Your ads will be viewed globally breaking all distance barriers. With our classifieds you will be able to easily measure results with better audience targeting.

Boost your reach through our free classified ad and see the difference for yourself.

Digital Business Card:

Get digital and grow your network in a smarter way. You do not need to pay, print or even remember to carry and handout your business card with our digital card. Digital business cards are an innovative alternative to paper business cards. You can change any demographics smartly. For instance, if you had to change your email address on your paper card then you would have to reprint your cards. But, with digital cards you can personalize anything on the go. With a digital business cardit is easier to generate online networking opportunities and has more space to easily incorporate your social media links.

Sharing a digital card is as easy as sending a text. Create your digital business card with us and save money, paper and time.


E-Commerce Multi-Vendor:

                A multi-vendor ecommerce also referred to as an online marketplace has a vast range of advantages over a regular online store. Every seller will have a separate shop or sub-domain inside a multi-vendor system. Sometimes referred to as a virtual marketplace, multivendor ecommerce website shifts the mammoth task of inventory, logistics and product description and updates the individual customer by giving them a system to manage. We also provide Whatsapp order service, so that when you join as a seller, your customers can place an order through Whatsapp.

Some benefits of an online marketplace include the vast range of products, lesser expenses and no inventory management.

Sellers prefer our marketplace as they have access to a readymade traffic that our website already generates. The setup costs are low and with a trial of our marketplace you would be sure that it will amplify your sales or reach. The sellers don’t have to depend on the market volatility or even limit themselves to a narrow target group.

The primary advantage that a customer get through our marketplace is not only that they have multiple options to choose from but also builds an impact on the customers by involving a considerable investment with superior technology that enables the merchants to sell their products on a larger platform.

Our multivendor ecommerce enables you to shop online through Whatsapp. All you have to do is select your products and add them to your cart, then go to checkout to place an order through Whatsapp. It also enables the sellers to receive order on Whatsapp after registering themselves using email and Whatsapp number. After successful registration the seller can add their products through our easy to manage dashboard. Register to our marketplace and start selling on our portal.


(P.S. Remember MyAsianMarketplace.com is not responsible for any payment done through our website to the seller and vice versa, and we do not charge any transaction fee for any transaction)

Free Helpline:

                Need to find something quick, save our helpline number +44 7563637500 and call us any day of the week. Our helpline is available seven days a week to find anything and everything you need to know about the UK in English, Hindi and even Gujarati.

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